It is impossible to have a conversation about Gen Z without talking about social media. It influences everything from the platforms they use (or don’t use) to their interactions with friends and family — and, of course, the brands they consider. For Gen Z, what is happening online and on social media is what is happening IRL.

Aged 4-24, Gen Z is the first true generation of “social natives.” They have been the subject of study mostly revolving around always-on media consumption, but less has been written about the impact that social media has on Gen Z’s emotional outlook and shopper behavior. Is it true that Gen Z is seeking relief from social media? How do they interact with brands? Do paid social advertisements really motivate purchase behavior?

To answer these questions, we, along with our in-house research arm, Origin, are digging a little deeper to examine the social profile of Gen Z. Especially because we’re seeing one significant shift: By 2020, it is expected that 40% of consumers will be Gen Z. 

To access our 2019 report, Gen Z: The Social Generation Part 2, which addresses many of the same research questions, click here.