Millennial men are in a critical moment of flux between competing definitions of manhood. The generally unquestioned gender roles Millennial men grew up with — men as providers and women as caregivers — have begun to crack and devolve, just as they’ve entered full adulthood. 

This study explores the lives of Millennial men through their perspectives on modern masculinity and how it manifests both at work and at home. It also looks at how their attitudes and beliefs on these topics have created new imperatives for brands seeking to engage this changing demographic. Download your copy today!

The playbook for modern manhood doesn’t exist.


of Millennial men believe the most important job of a good man is providing for his family financially

of Millennial dads feel that their role as a caregiver has impacted their professional career


of Millennial men say that #MeToo has informed their behavior in personal and work lives